Sunday, 29 May 2011

pictures of crocodiles

African fresh water crocodiles

Alligators Crocodiles  waiting for the meal

America caiman

crocodile lying on the grass

crocodile ready to attack
Freshwater johnstonia

crocodylus acatus-amarican 

crocodile moving towards the prey

newguinea crocodile

orinoco crocodile critically threatened

The Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus)
Nile crocodiles are most deadly reptiles in the planet, kills its prey in large numbers depending on the size of the animal, this creatures are very clever and intelligent in that they attack at a time you don’t expect. The average length of adults is 5metres running at 16km/h, in parts of East Africa, outskirts of Burundi there was a Nile crocodile called Gustave ( a massive male Nile crocodile)which exceed 9metres in length most feared by people in Burundi.This creature is propelled in water with its long tail and powerful four legs that is used to move on land, the long snout triangular for breathing, nostrils, eyes are located at the top of the skull and sharp teeth for crushing their prey and predators. This man eater’s diverse habitat is in lakes, rivers, freshwater marshes or brackish water, mostly found in the Niles and also in parts of African continent excluding Comoros, Madagascar, Seychelles and parts of North Africa.

pulp crocodile 

parade of salt water crocodiles

rhombifer crocodile-

salt water crocodile

slender snouted mouth crocodylus aphracatus

Siamese crocodile waiting patiently for prey

Toadler crocodile  breathing 

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