Friday, 24 June 2011


Giraffes are amazing, interesting beautiful  animals with spotted coat  colours as compared to zebras tiger, leopard and the cheetah.

 Scientific name of a giraffe is known as Giraffa camelopardalis 
Kiswahili  name TWIGA 

The twiga word is mostly used by the people who speak Swahili in east Africa twiga or giraffes is found in zoos, animal parks and reserves twiga are not that dangerous animals compared to lion and others most dangerous animals on earth.


  1. Giraffes are the tallest mammal animals in the world measuring 6feet tall amazingly they can live for 25 years
  2. Giraffes or Twiga eat plants from acacia tress and grass for food which gives them an advantage of staying for days and weeks without water which is a good sign during droughts
  3. Female giraffes give  birth standing to young ones after 15 months duration. The Baby giraffe is 6feet tall immediately after birth  
  4. Giraffes are unique and intelligent in their own way they can sense when the predators especially lion or wild beast are at a close range moreover the giraffe’s sleeps while standing incase of any danger they are ready to run as fast as a cheetah to survive.
  5. A giraffe’s toungue is 15 centimeters long it can hold or grab objects without any struggle
  7. The giraffes can be vulnerable to predators in that when they want to quench their thirst by drinking water they have to spread their legs a part and bend making them easier pray to wild animals especially the lions.
  8. A male giraffe can weigh as much as a pick up truck! That’s about 1400 kilograms.
    Although a giraffe’s neck is 1.5 – 1.8 metres, it contains the same number of vertebrae at a human neck.
    A giraffe's habitat is usually found in African savannas, grasslands or open woodlands.
    The hair that makes up a giraffes tail is about 10 times thicker than the average strand of human hair.
    The distinctive spots that cover a giraffe’s fur act as a good camouflage to protect the giraffe from predators. When the giraffe stands in front of trees and bushes the light and dark colouring of its fur blends in with the shadows and sunlight.
    It is possible to identify the sex of the giraffe from the horns on its head. Both males and females have horns but the females are smaller and covered with hair at the top. Male giraffes may have up to 3 additional horns.
    Giraffes are ruminants. This means that they have more than one stomach. In fact, giraffes have four stomachs, the extra stomachs assisting with digesting food.
    Drinking is one of the most dangerous times for a giraffe. While it is getting a drink it cannot keep a look out for predators and is vulnerable to attack.
    Male giraffes sometimes fight with their necks over female giraffes. This is called “necking”. The two giraffes stand side by side and one giraffe swings his head and neck, hitting his head against the other giraffe. Sometimes one giraffe is hit to the ground during a combat.
    A female giraffe gives birth while standing up. The calf drops approximately 6 feet to the ground, but it is not hurt from the fall.
    Giraffes have bluish-purple tongues which are tough and covered in bristly hair to help them with eating the thorny Acacia trees.

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