Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Lions are rare animals also known as the king of the jungle or simba in kiswahili language lion is a carnivorous animal and the biggest cat in the animal kingdom from the genus panthera and the member of felidae. Lions or simba are  mostly found in Eurasia, Africa, from Western Europe to India and America. The animal kingdom lion species is becoming endangered animal due to hunting pouching, destruction and deforestation of its natural habitat. In the animal world Lion king is the head of the family while lioness is the female lion  which  protects the baby lions and has been  predator to many animals and feared by human beings which goes way back to history as the man eater along the Tsavo during the building of the East african railways. Lion attacks have been documented as the top most dangerous animals. Zoo keepers, zoo attendants have been attacked by lions. Many circus which involved the use of lion kings have seen people been attacked by lions and lionesses.In East Africa we have many movies which have been acted  conveying a message to people on how simba lions were more dangerous and intelligent  during the  kenya  uganda railway constructions. 

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  2. The Ohio tragedy Dozens of animals, including Bengal tigers, lions, wolves, monkeys and bears were freed from the Zanesville, Ohio, animal preserve and had to be killed by police. Police stalked the animals through the night Tuesday, and by Wednesday afternoon, 49 of the 50 animals were confirmed dead, ending a potentially catastrophic threat to people in the area.

    Lucky are we that things didn't go as it wouldhave beeninthe wild