Friday, 27 May 2011

Monkey photos

Snow monkeys are also called japanese snow monkeys or macaque are found in  japan on the island of kushu where it snows every time especially in winter.snow monkeys are mostly white in colour with thick coat  hairy  fur  which  protects them  from cold when the snow falls.
What do snow monkeys eat? Snow monkeys eat mainly fruits like any other monkey but also  feeds on insects , leaves on trees,roots and any other type of vegetation available in the area.
Japanese macaque or snow monkey  sleeps on trees  during  night time as  its habitual behavior and goes to the ground   during the day. 

monkeys ready to attack

vampire monkey on the loose

a group of monkeys in their colony

monkey on top of a gate pillar

Cambodia Vampire big teeth monkey 

Crazy monkey

chimpanzees  are herbivorous  members of the ape family categorized as mammals.chimpanzees are found in Savannah forests in Africa especially in DRC CONGO AND CONGO BRAZZAVILLE.Chimpanzees have black hair ,their arms are longer and stronger than their limbs.They do not have tail,they sleep either in trees or ground depending on areas  they feel is  much comfortable to them.they have a diet in which is similar to monkey diet they feed on seeds,fruits,grass. the unique thing about chimpanzees is that they are more intelligent  and dangerous if provoked and also they act like human beings example they hold their food  in their fore paws when eating.

Funky monkey
Survey monkey

Monkey games

Monkey king

Red  brown monkey also called orangutans  are  the third largest primate in the planet earth with their  shaggy hairy  huge body ,long and  strong hands that reach the ankles. Orangutans have short legs which are slightly weak compared to the powerful arms.The red brown monkey also called orang utan lives on trees in the forests or are captured and kept in zoos 
DIET;  THE ORANGUTANS  feeds on  different variety of foods mainly fruits which are its staple diet,leaves,eggs , birds and seeds
monkey island

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