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Bears are huge stocky mammals.We have  seven types of bears with long thick fur on their bodies they mostly live in dens.The  bears are carnivores animals apart from that they also eat grass,fruits,leaves and any other type of vegetation  available .The largest,huge beautiful bear is found in Alaskan brown bear which grows tall to around three meters in height.Bears are found  in Asia , Europe ,North America,South America and the Arctic around the north pole.
This are my free encyclopaedia of different species of bears  which are mostly endangered species  in the whole continent
brown bear searching food for their babies

black bear sitted waiting for diner

facts on black bears is that they are given names depending on where they come from example we have american black bears ,asian black bears etc bears hibernate depending on the seasons they are in

black bear bathroom

black bear crossing

asian black bear of maines

a black bear watching at a close range ready to attack

about black bears is that they are omnivorouse animals ,they live in deep forests they have sharp claws which  are used to mark on trees to symbolize they dominate that area ,their weight tend to vary depending on their health, feeding habits , age ,sex  and also seasons.the black bears have far which is dense in their body soft,long course hairs ,their hairs are more organized neat than brown bears which have shaggy hairs

polar bear

artic polar bears

polar bear cubs walking majestic on the ice searching for their mother after a long hibernation underground

polar bear cubs endagered species nowdays

About polar bears mostly  they always hibernate for more than six months and they come out of hibernation to smell fresh air and in search of food . polar bears are vulnerable species they are carnivorouse animals .the polar bears weigh 350 to 680 kg. the polar bears depends on sea ice to hunt lion seals , a polar bear is also regarded as  marine mammaml because all the year they spend time at the sea .

a polar bear after an attack of eating sea lion in the ice

baby polar bears  sleeping in the ice

baby polar bears suckling from their mother

Baby bears on the run

Brown bear watching at a close range  a bear is a very dangerous animal with its beautiful   

majestique walk  and proud bear

female bear with the naughty cubs taking snacks

Grizzly bear staring at its  reflection in the water endagered grizzly bear  they are  huge powerful bears of  North America  feeds on land animals ,fish,berries grass,roots and leaves. Grizzly bears have thick fur that ranges  from light tan to black.The grizzly bears are 6 to 9 feet  very dangerous creatures on planet 

bear swimming on a cold chilli water

a bear quenching its thirst

Teddy bear 

a brown bear on its two legged toes

brown bear brown bear what can you see ?    yammy  time to eat

brown bear hunting for fish

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