Wednesday, 25 May 2011


The horses are beautiful wild animals and domestic animals too, they are friendly animals if not threatened and it is said that Horses have their own anatomy which makes them have speed and balance to run faster to escape their predators and moreover as strong flight of instinct it can sense danger from far away.The horse come from kingdom animalia, family equidae, genus equus, species E. ferus and subspecies  E. F. caballus.The domesticated horses are endangered species. The mares female horses carry their young for 11months in addition to that a fouls is another young horses which can stand by itself immediately after birth and it is said to run faster than the others horses have a habit of sleeping while standing or lying down. Domesticated horse are useful in homes riding for pleasure, helps in transportation of goods and people in earlier days but nowadays horse are for prestige,it’s a sign of  wealth in certain communities. We have different types of breeds of horses  example  a stallion is   known as male horse . A young female horse is known as a filly.The father of a horse is known as a sire.   The mother of a horse is known as a dam and a fully-grown small horse is known as a pony.

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