Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Elephants or the jumbo are common species in the african jungle and the India penusula.The three large species are the African elephant,The bush elephant and the Asian elephant which are  found today are endagered species and protected by law.The bush elephant which is almost wiped out by pochers due to its preciouse ivory and task which fetch a huge price in the black market.The african forest elephant has sanctuary in most of the proctecting natural reserve and national parks of many countries.The asian elephant which is a tamed animal is smaller than its african cousin in size -celephus maximus.From time and memorial this gigantic creature has been used in many settings of the asian society  such as festivals,different occupation involving lifting,pulling and pushing of goods and equipment and above all the star in many circus and fsvourite in many zoos.An elephant is known to be very wise,the elephant train with its baby elephants in the middle are protected by the elephant herd and a few  rare white elephants  which are threatened to extinct and are protected in the national reserves ,parks etc. 
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