Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Zebras are from horse family with black and white stripes. They are friendly animals and they will only attack if they feel threatened. They are mostly attacked by other animals such as lions ,tigers,cheetahs,crocodiles etc. The white and black stripes have made this magaAnificent animal to be known us one of the most beautiful and friendly animals. They are three species of Zebras notably the plain zebra which hovers  and wonders along the African savannah and the grevy zebra subgenus hippotigris and the mountain zebra subgenus dolichohippus. The grevy and the mountain zebra are in the list of endangered species while the quagga is among the extinct animals.
Baby zebra are always attacked by lions and other small meat eating animals.they have been so many zebra printer in the  fashion and design industry. since zebras have different types of stripes  one would think they are identical. These colour combination makes the zebras to be disguised and makes them less prone to attack.

                                           More pictures of zebras
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