Sunday, 29 May 2011

pictures of crocodiles

African fresh water crocodiles

Alligators Crocodiles  waiting for the meal

America caiman

crocodile lying on the grass

crocodile ready to attack
Freshwater johnstonia

crocodylus acatus-amarican 

crocodile moving towards the prey

newguinea crocodile

orinoco crocodile critically threatened

The Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus)
Nile crocodiles are most deadly reptiles in the planet, kills its prey in large numbers depending on the size of the animal, this creatures are very clever and intelligent in that they attack at a time you don’t expect. The average length of adults is 5metres running at 16km/h, in parts of East Africa, outskirts of Burundi there was a Nile crocodile called Gustave ( a massive male Nile crocodile)which exceed 9metres in length most feared by people in Burundi.This creature is propelled in water with its long tail and powerful four legs that is used to move on land, the long snout triangular for breathing, nostrils, eyes are located at the top of the skull and sharp teeth for crushing their prey and predators. This man eater’s diverse habitat is in lakes, rivers, freshwater marshes or brackish water, mostly found in the Niles and also in parts of African continent excluding Comoros, Madagascar, Seychelles and parts of North Africa.

pulp crocodile 

parade of salt water crocodiles

rhombifer crocodile-

salt water crocodile

slender snouted mouth crocodylus aphracatus

Siamese crocodile waiting patiently for prey

Toadler crocodile  breathing 

Friday, 27 May 2011

Monkey photos

Snow monkeys are also called japanese snow monkeys or macaque are found in  japan on the island of kushu where it snows every time especially in winter.snow monkeys are mostly white in colour with thick coat  hairy  fur  which  protects them  from cold when the snow falls.
What do snow monkeys eat? Snow monkeys eat mainly fruits like any other monkey but also  feeds on insects , leaves on trees,roots and any other type of vegetation available in the area.
Japanese macaque or snow monkey  sleeps on trees  during  night time as  its habitual behavior and goes to the ground   during the day. 

monkeys ready to attack

vampire monkey on the loose

a group of monkeys in their colony

monkey on top of a gate pillar

Cambodia Vampire big teeth monkey 

Crazy monkey

chimpanzees  are herbivorous  members of the ape family categorized as mammals.chimpanzees are found in Savannah forests in Africa especially in DRC CONGO AND CONGO BRAZZAVILLE.Chimpanzees have black hair ,their arms are longer and stronger than their limbs.They do not have tail,they sleep either in trees or ground depending on areas  they feel is  much comfortable to them.they have a diet in which is similar to monkey diet they feed on seeds,fruits,grass. the unique thing about chimpanzees is that they are more intelligent  and dangerous if provoked and also they act like human beings example they hold their food  in their fore paws when eating.

Funky monkey
Survey monkey

Monkey games

Monkey king

Red  brown monkey also called orangutans  are  the third largest primate in the planet earth with their  shaggy hairy  huge body ,long and  strong hands that reach the ankles. Orangutans have short legs which are slightly weak compared to the powerful arms.The red brown monkey also called orang utan lives on trees in the forests or are captured and kept in zoos 
DIET;  THE ORANGUTANS  feeds on  different variety of foods mainly fruits which are its staple diet,leaves,eggs , birds and seeds
monkey island

Thursday, 26 May 2011

African elephants


Penguins are aquatic, flightless birds number of penguin species   is around  20, has been a subject of debate of late, with some concerns being raised of including the White-flipper-ed penguin, Royal penguin and the Rockhopper penguin as separate species in the list. The extant species of penguins are categorized into six sub-families Great penguins (Aptenodytes), Brush-tailed penguins (Pygoscelis), Little penguins (Eudyptula), Banded penguins (Spheniscus), (Megadyptes) and Crested penguins (Eudyptes). The largest sub-family is that of the Crested penguins which consists of nine sub-species. On the other hand, Great penguins, Little penguins and the Megadyptes sub-family consist of two sub-species each.Penguins are birds.
The name is derived from Welsh terms ‘pen’, meaning head and ‘gwyn’, meaning white.
Penguin is an unofficial symbol of the United States Libertarian Party.
They mate for life.
Linux mascot tux is also a penguin.
They are ancient species that appeared 40 million years ago in the Eocene.
Penguins don't fly, they swim.
Penguins lay eggs.
Penguin chicks have fluffy feathers.
A group of penguins is called colonies or rookery.
They usually move in huge groups.
Penguins use their wings for swimming.
Penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere.
Some penguins live in Antarctica, Coast of South America, South Africa, Galapagos, Southern Australia and New Zealand.
Penguins hunt for fish, squid or shrimp like krill in the oceans to fill their stomach.
Most penguins can swim about 15 miles per hour.
Penguins have insulating layers of air, skin, and blubber.
Penguins have tightly packed feathers that help them to keep warm.
Penguins open their feather to feel the cold.
There are at least 18 different species of penguins.
There may be as many as 100 million penguins in the world.
Penguins can be endangered by oil spills, water pollution, and the over harvesting


Ducks love green plants. They can eat grass that grows in your yard. Kitchen leftovers can also be given to the ducks, but make sure they are not too spicy. Always give the ducks clean water to drink. You can also feed the ducks with salads greens, cottage cheese and worms. In the case of ducklings, they should be fed with a duck starter for the first 2 weeks, and then with a duck growers starting 3-7 weeks. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


cute puppies

affen pincher

two golden puppies

crowd of puppies

german shepherd puppies

breeds of puppies

caged puppies