Tuesday, 28 June 2011


White tigers are large at birth and also during maturity  stage .the white tigers are especially in captivity in zoos worldwide  due to their beautiful  image ,more attractive  and also they are being protected from haunting poachers. white tigers are exotic animals and most of them came from India  an Asian continent the white tigers are endangered species .A white tiger can be either  a breed of pure bengals and hybrid of bengal siberian.White tiger habitat is mostly in the densely populated areas of tropical forest and ma groove forests. white tiger  diet is  composed of  meat only, thats why the white tigers are called carnivorous animals  the food keeps them strong  so that they can get  ready to attack another prey for their dinner.White tiger predators are those that are seen to be more stronger and dangerous than the white tigers.

White tiger have dark or black stripes which run vertically on their body .the white tiger have blue eyes  which are crossed which helps them to see clearly at night and in dark .the white tigers do not live for long maximum of 11yrs and may live long in captivity.
white tigers have sharp claws which are used to mark  claws on trees  showing  that they dominate the area the male white tiger weigh 300kg while the  female white tiger weigh less


  1. I love all tigers especially tiger cubs. They are just cutie pies.

  2. Very cute animals. Thanks for the info!! :)

  3. I lik white tiger cubs to there soooooooooooooo adorable

  4. anyone no what white tigers fur is used for I hav a project for 6th grade and need help?