Thursday, 30 June 2011


Polar bear {ursus maritimus}.
Polar bear are the largest strongest mammal bear and only one species  in the bear family. Baby polar bears are born on land and they are moved by the female polar bears to live on sea and Arctic Ocean. Polar bear baby are protected by the female polar bears .polar bears hunts only from sea ice. A polar bear is a vulnerable species they don’t live for long .polar bears attacks its prey mostly the sea lions, seals, whales fish etc. Polar bears are most dangerous predators in nature if provoked by human beings. Polar bear population is around 200,000
polarbear are carnivorous animals, the average weight  of an adult male polar bear is about  350 to 680 kg  the polar bear has  around 42 teeth  in total. Polar bear can also be named as a marine animal due to its long period in the sea; polar bears have a unique sense of smell which they use as a tool to hunt the sea lions in the arctic ice they rarely attack human beings.
Polar bear mating season is on April they mate on the sea they are not territorial  they live for a maximum of 24 years they have a blunt ,curved long straight claws
polar bears have thick white or yellowish fur and fats in their body to protect them from cold
polar bears are good swimmers
  1. What are polar bears?
  2. Why are polar bear endangered? 
  3. Where are polar bears found? 
  4. Are polar bears becoming extinct? 
  5. What does polar bear eat? 
  6. What do polar bears do? 

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