Monday, 27 June 2011


Felitus catus also known as domestic cats they are small in size  domesticate cats live  with human beings  like pets and which have different cat names or protection from other predators. Cats have stayed with human beings for along period of time centuries and centuries to come a cat  can also be a nuisance to human beings if not well taken care of at home  facts about cats is that  they have a strong  flexible bodies ,they have claws for their on protection especillay during an attack from other animals,they have hearing ability they can sense danger from far and have eyes which can see in  darkness. They mostly have a power of smell than taste which makes the cats unique in their own way, cat have different breeds in the world but have similar characters.Dogs and cats are both domesticated animals  which mostly are not feared by people .about kittens and cats is that kittens are babies of cats while the cats are maturely grown animals  which are  canivorouse.

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