Friday, 7 October 2011

Man Eaters of Tsavo

The story which is till in everyone’s mind about the Tsavo lions is still fresh to many. The big movies have made movies about lions and dangerous lions in the world. Many of the dangerous Tsavo lions stories have been told and are still being retold through script, cinema, and oral since the mega period of the Man eaters or ‘reign of terror'.  

As far as history of the Tsavo lions are concerned the lions attacks took way back in 1898 and 1899, two man-eating lions killed more than 130 railroad workers in eastern Kenya around Tsavo to day known as the Tsavo National Park. The Tsavo lions used to stalk the workers who were constructing the Tsavo River Bridge.
The lions in this area are unusual in that they lack manes almost completely and in that they are bigger. They live in prides of about seven females and one male, the former being “normal”, the latter not. Serengeti lions, for example, live in prides containing two to four males. The Tsavo lion’s size helps them hunt their preferred prey, Cape buffalo. However Cape buffalo are no docile prey and lions regularly get injured. Male’s regularly take part in the hunt too, something that is more uncommon in other lions.

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