Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Enhydris plumbea
Locally known as the “ax snake” because a bite can have the same result as a blow from an axe – the loss of a limb.
DESCRIPTION: Averages 70-80cm (28-32in).
Patterned with angular markings of dark brown, edged with black on a reddish-brown background.
DISTRIBUTION: Indo-China, Malaya, Sumatra and Broneo.
HABITAT: Forests and oil plam plantations where it is particularly common. A perfectly camouflaged “sit and wait” hunter that lies motionless even when approached. Very dangerous to “rubber tappers” if they work without shoes.
FOODRodents, frogs and reptiles.
BREEDINGAfter laying 13 to 30 eggs, the female coils around them until they hatch about 40 days later. It is unusual for vipers to show maternal care like this.

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