Wednesday, 21 September 2011


ADDER-Vipera berus
The adder has the greatest terrestrial range of any snake in the world.
DESCRIPTION: Usually up to 65cm (2ft) but occasionally up to 90cm (3ft). The ground colour is most commonly grey but may be reddish brown, yellow, olive or greenish. It is most easily distinguished by the dark zigzag pattern running down the back and by the dark V or X shaped mark on the head.
DISTRIBUTION: Most to Europe (absent from Ireland, southern SpainItaly and the southern Balkans) up to the 
Arctic Circle, east
 to the northern Pacific coast of China.
HABITAT: Very varied, moors woodland, marshy meadows; it is even a capable swimmer.
FOODVenomous. It eats small mammals and lizards.
BREEDINGLive-bearing; litters vary between 4-12 according to the size of the female.

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