Sunday, 3 July 2011


A wombat is mostly found in Australia and nearby islands, it is marsupial and  when its kids are born they crawl  into the mothers pouche  for protection  and live there for a period of  about five months before they grow up and start living on their own. Wombats are mostly found in burrows where they dig using their sharp claws. The marsupials are herbivorous in nature and feed on grass, shoots, roots, and bark of trees. Being nocturnal wombats usually come out of their hideaways at night to feed when it is safe. Wombats are very destructive to farmers and ranchers as they destroy their crops and fields. On the other hand farmers and ranchers often hunt and killed as they are considered to be pests. In addition, they are also hunted by poachers for their fur. Extensive wombat killing has made certain species (northern hairy nosed wombats) endangered and increasing ranch lands have replaced the wombats natural breeding and feeding grounds. Wombats can be found in different colours and also they can attack human beings till you bleed to deathand mostly they are tamed to captivity especially in zoos.

Facts About Wombats

Type: Mammal
Location: Australia
Diet: Herbivore
Size: 72 to 118 cm
Weight: 14 to 35 Kg
Lifespan: around 25 years
Gestation Period: 20 days
Number Of Offspring: 1 offspring

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