Monday, 4 July 2011


A brown bear  is not  the largest animals in the bear family comapered to polar bears .Female brown bears   take care of their young cubs until  they reach a stage where they can take care of themselves while the male brown bear escape in parenting leaving the female bear to do everything.brown bears attacks human beings  when threatened or provoked  especially when with the cubs.

 Brown bears cause fatal and severe injuries compared to  black bears .salmon is the special diet for  the brown bears  which the bears hunt each and everyday in the rivers and seas. The brown bear is known for its unique intelligence in trapping its prey .

Facts about brown bears
Average weight of  adult brown bears  is 300 to 800 kg male brown bears are heavier compared to female  bears as you can see we have the grizzly brown bears which have hump on their back that can be used to differentiate   with other brown bears  average weigh of a grizzily brown bear is 159kg.

brown bears have a long sharp curved claws which they mostly use to mark on trees telling other animals l dominate this area so don’t dare come to my palace  in addition brown bears have long thick fur with long maine at the neck.
Brown bear mating season  is on may to July 

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