Thursday, 21 July 2011

African Jungle amazing facts

The African Flora and Fauna
Everyone knows very well the story of the Famous David and Goliath, the African savannah has seen an amazing wonder both flora and fauna and mostly the big five and the large catsnot forgetting the majestic tyrant African crocodiles. With the natural volcanic mountains along the two rift valleys  from the meditaranean to the cape of good hope along the cruger national plains. Animals large and small, wide and narrow all roam freely in the African national parks, forest and national protected  reserves and when the onset of the long rains in Africa commence, a lash of green pastures come forth to feed the along waiting African beautiful wild animals.

The migration of  the wildebeest is always the most spectacular natural event which brings animals of the  northern Tanzania along the Serengeti  to southern tips of Kenya along the Mount Kilimanjaro and the Masai Mara National Park. Wild animals specially the predator and the pray find it hard to make good decisions. Animals big and small fetch and quench their thirst in the same watering hole, the nearby river and predators young and small feast on one another. The African majestic elephant is well respected among all the animal kingdom for their brains and their cleverness. If the elephant train is not nearby, the mother elephant always takes care of it s young to take a shower in the muddy water, throw some dirt and even for a quick swim. Since elephants have a very good sense of smell, they are known to smell the rain and water from a very long distance.

Crocodiles on the other hand perch themselves in the mud awaiting for their next meal which could come from all sizes and shapes. Sometimes they make a good decision and take pray their own size which could range from small birds, crossing migration wildebeest, zebras, monkeys and even hippopotamus and other big animals such as the water buffalo.  The lion would pray deep in the night in the absence of the moon cover while during the day it would stalk its prey under the cover of the brittle long savanna grass. Though the elephant is known as the king of he jungle  its not a match to the massive wall of the African elephant. Even a heard of hundred wild buffalo will billow away when the elephants sets foot in the vicinity.

As far as the jungle is concerned, elephants and crocodiles seldom meet but when the two meet its just like David and Goliath. Elephants are known to trampled on they victims with their heavy feet, poke their pray with their precious tusks and while their trunk is redeemed redundant, the majestic elephant opts to take the fight on the land where his wits makes him the better one from the animal kingdom. Its always the elephant which roams the greatest in the African jungles and gets the respects it deserves.

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  1. Its amazing to see how the African elephant is capable of getting out of danger when the real danger is the Nile crocodile. Way to go baby elephant you did it once again.