Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Arctic Polar Bear Habitat

The polar bear is found in the harsh cold of the Arctic like the polar bear. This bear family will endure all the cold weather due to the fact that polar bears have a very thick coat which makes them warm and any slight in temperature would make them slide on the snow, plunge into the icy cold weather at anytime.

With the advent of deforestation, bear hunting and the search of minerals and oil in the polar habitat, many bear facts state than a great number of bear have come to loss their habitat
The polar bear has now entered in the threatened species list under the protection United States Law.

During the early months of August and September the polar bear will fatten itself with all the food it can get as it prepares for the winter weather. Since bears are omnivorousness, bears will eat meat of any kind and both fruits and vegetables. This is also the time when the polar bears will tend to put on weight and shave it off after winter is gone and now born baby bear cubs emerge from the den.

The mama bear gives birth to in the burrows under the snow caped mountains which could range from two to three baby bears. The bear cubs will undergo ice breaking training, fish hunting, bear fighting and above all how to survive by observing the mama bear all this training taking place in the polar bear environment.

Little do the ears realize that their environment is being taken away by humans. Global warming is eating away their ice, seals, penguins, walrus and many other land and marine animals or any list of bear food is becoming extinct. Bears have to track for miles to get their food. The rise in temperatures renders them vulnerable where as the exploration expeditions in the Arctic region affects their natural environment.

The polar habitat is gradually becoming less and if nothing is done to, it will continue to change for a period and not only will the polar bear suffer but all the other animals, plants and the ecosystem will change.

Despite the fact that the native of the polar bear region depend on the bear for their food, skin and trade, keeping a watch and providing other incentives to the native tribes has  helped reduce the polar bears in the this part of the world. The bun on bear skins and bear hunting will contribute to the survival of the polar world instead of letting only polar bear pictures exist in our future world. Polar bears have families, feelings and love. We can make it a better place just the way many teddy bears bring joy and love to many people in our homes.

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